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Into a Rhythm

So how do I get back into a rhythm with my reading and writing? I know the answers because I’ve been here many times. All that’s left is to remember the path.

Step one: don’t fret about the reasons you lost your rhythm.

Chances are that life happened. Having a life is a wonderful side-effect of being a human being with relationships, a physical body, and being a member of socieity.

Step two: set aside time today or tomorrow to get started.

I mean, I could pause and formulate some grand overarching plan for how I’m going to be the perfectly productive person until the end of time, but creating such a plan would take time and energy that would be best suited to getting back on the metaphorical horse and going somewhere interesting.

Step three: remember what worked in the past.

Chances are there was a time when you were in a good rhythm and you were doing certain things that helped. Going back and doing those things again is as good a place to start as any.

Now that I remember my answer, I may as well get to it. ☺️